greyLast week I was fortunate enough to pick up a Pebble watch – a neat smartwatch featuring a 1.26 ePaper display, a Cortex-M3 ARM microprocessor, 3-axis accelerometer and a bluetooth connection to iOS and Android devices.

I picked up a grey model for roughly £100 which isn’t a bad price in the grand scheme of things considering you can have multiple watch faces, receive notifications from your phone or even control your music – but the thing that got me the most intrigued is the ability to write your own Apps.

Immediately I thought that the Pebble would be great to remote control my central heating at home.

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During my summer I have been working as an development intern for the HighWire Centre for Doctoral Training at Lancaster University where I worked on a summer project focused around the crowdsourcing of metadata in online videos.

During my internship I developed an online tool which allowed participants to watch a series of YouTube videos and add a tag when they see something of significance to note.

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 13.21.04

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