Is Neil at Dobbies?

It seems I cannot go on Facebook these days without being bombarded with people’s location check-ins, and my Dad is probably the worst person for checking into everywhere.

Out of all of my Dad’s check-ins myself and my friend noticed that checkins at Dobbies Sports and Social Club were a lot higher than the rest, and quickly came up with the idea of a website to check his location – and was born.

Screenshot 2014-02-11 13.24.43

After taking advantage of the readily available Spanish .es domain, myself and my flatmate got to work at creating a very simple PHP script to poll his latest location (using the Facebook Graph API) and display a relevant message. These messages could be customised based upon the time since the last check-in, the time of day and who is with my dad during the last check-in.

The only requirement is that you create a Facebook application and generate a long-lived access token for the user. This will need to be re-generated every 2 months. The source code is available to take a look on GitHub and the site is live now!

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